• The Ipswich Genealogical Society has recently accepted with thanks, a Gift of the following microform records from the Colonial Forces Study Group for with we are truly grateful.  Irma Deas, President       22nd January 2020RESOURCES GIFTED BY COLONIAL FORCES STUDY GROUP


    The Queensland Government Gazettes from 1859 to 1989


    The Week                               1876 - 1934

    Weekly Herald                       1864 - 1867

    Queensland Daily Guardian 1860 - 1884

    Moreton Bay Free Press        1852 - 1859

    Our Paper                              1868

    Moreton Bay Courier            1846 - 1856

    Courier / Courier Mail                   1857 - December 1945

    The Week                               1876 - 1925

    The Queenslander                 1866 to April 1939

    Moreton Bay Maps & Plans 1837 - 1845

    Queensland Electoral Maps  1865 - 1935

    Pettigrew Diaries                  1849 - 1899

    Captain Keir                          1883 Journal;

    Men of Queensland

    F.E. Bailey's Letters               1866 - 1878;

    George Mitchell's Log           1850 - 1882;

    Midgeley's "Storm King" Diary       1869;

    Blasdall's Journal                  1862;


    NEW RELEASE      Now available on USB or CD - "FROM RAIL TO WAR" Queensland Government Railways Employees who enlisted in the Great War 1914 – 1918 & The Anglo Boer War 1899 – 1902Also included are the Munition Workers, from the Rockhampton and Ipswich Railway Workshops, and those who sailed to the United Kingdom and worked in the Munition Factories to help with the war effort, and the men who reported for Garrison Duty on Thursday Island 1914 – 1918, the Australian Naval & Military Expeditionary Forces. [AN&MEF] Extract from the Foreword written by the Chief Executive Officer of Queensland Rail Mr Nick Easy 2018, for this publication:“This project is the first of its kind to provide an accurate insight into the Queensland Railway enlistments during the Great War. This information will be an invaluable legacy to our organisation’s rich history, but in particular in recognizing the sacrifices of the railway workers throughout this challenging time in history, particular for their families who live on today.”The information comes from the National Archives of Australia and the AIF Project for the Defence Records, and the Railway Staff History Cards, Railway Station Honour Boards, the Ipswich Workshops Memorial, Railway Commissioner’s Reports and the Queensland Government Gazettes for the Queensland Government Railways records. Newspaper articles on TROVE revealed the names of a number of men being given “a farewell when leaving for the Front’ and no other information was found. The publication of 452 pages with almost 3,000 records, [only available on USB or CD], contains information of interest to those researching  family members and  it would also be helpful to researchers of Railway and Military History.This has been a ten year project by a group of four, Mervyn Volker, Steve and Val Trill and Irma Deas.Note that as far as possible all employees who enlisted are recorded; many were not accepted for various reasons – too old, underage, did not pass the fitness test, or wives or parents objected, and there are a number who enlisted under a false name.  Some did not leave Australia, and some deserted.There is a full list of medal recipients, including one Victoria Cross (V.C.) one Order of the British Empire (O.B.E.) and one Companion of the Order of St Michael & St George (C.M.G.).  Photographs of Railway Station Honours Boards (most the names are legible), are of interest.Now available from the Society – "Brigg House" Cooneana Heritage Centre, 1041 Redbank Plains Rd, New Chum Q 4303 email:

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