100 Years of Baptist Witness in the Laidley District 1882 -1982
100th Anniversary of Haigslea Uniting Church
150 Years of Catholic Worship 1865-2015 (Pine Mountain)
150 Years Young (The Continuing Story of the Ipswich Baptists)
Annual Report of Central Congragational Church Ipswich
Alban Guide (The  A History and guide to St Albans Abbey Church of England
All Saints Catholic Church Boonah 1887-1987
Anglican Parish of St John. Forbes NSW  A History  (The
Apostolic Church of Qld (Southern District) 125th Jubliee Celebration of Mount Beppo 1884-2009
Archdiocese of Brisbane Churches, Mass Centres and Parishes
Baptisims at Watlington, Oxfordshire
Baptist Church, Minden 1882-2007
Basic Facts About Methodist Records for Family Historians
Basic Facts About The Wesleyan Methodist Historic Roll
Battersea Parish Church
Benedictine Abbey of St.Mary & St.Rumon (The  Tavistock, Devon, 974 - 1539
Beyond Our Dreams
Bishops' Transcripts and Marriage Licences
Bishop's Palace, St David's Pembrokeshire (The
Brisbane City Mission.  How the other Half Lives
Bundamba Church of Christ from then till now 110 years
Bush Brotherhood of St Paul Jubilee Booklet 1901 - 1951
Cathedral Church of St David (A History, Guide)
Catholic Record Index (The
Catholic Society of New South Wales 1788-1860
Catholics of New South Wales (The   1788-1820 and Their Families
Centenary History Church of England Parish of Gatton with Ma Ma Creek 1878-1978 (A
Christ Church Boonah, The First 100 yrs 1890-1990
Church of Christ Rosewood Centenary Celebrations 1883-1983
Church of St Thomas 1824-1827 Port Macquarie NSW
Church of the Good Shepherd (The  1893-1993 Brookfield
Crundale - Church of St Mary's the Blessed Virgin
Different  Tracks, Brookfield Uniting Church
Directory of Parish Registers in Ireland
East Street City Uniting Church
Englesburg - Our People Our Church -  Lutheran
Englesburg [Kalbar] St John's Lutheran Church Centenary 1880 - 1980
English Parish Register Transcripts
English Parish Register Transcripts
Evangelican Lutheran Synod in Australia 25th Anniversary Jubilee Booklet
Fellowship of Service History of the Paptist Union of Queensland 1877-1977 (A
Flinders Congregational Church 1872-1972
From Bakehouse to Bethleham 1932 - 1982 Golden Jubilee (Uniting Church)
Grasmere Church
Green Pastures,Lockrose Lutheran Church, 100 Years of Blessings
Growth of the Catholic Community in North Ipswich Golden Jubilee 1930-1980 (The
Highfields Evangelical Lutheran Chrust Church, 100th Anniversary 1879-1979
History of Mother's Union in Australia (A   1892-1982
History of Mt Whitestone Non Denominational Church (A  1894-1994
History of St James Old Cathedral Melbourne  (A
History of Sisters of Mercy
History of St Luke's Lutheran Church Ipswich
History of the Parish Church of St Mary & All Saints Ellingham, Hampshire
Holy Trinity Dubbo Church of England
Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish 50 Years
Immaculate Heart of Mary  Church
Innocence Trembles (The Christian Brothers Orphanage Tragedy
Index To the Lutherans of the Logan District
Introduction to Church Registers (An
Ipswich Baptist Church 1859 - 1949
Ipswich Baptists
Ipswich City Uniting Church (The   150 Year Heritage
Ipswich St Mary's Catholic Church Marriage Register 1849 - 1858
Lamington Uniting Church 85th Birthday (Methodist Church Christmas Creek)
Let Brotherly Love Continue
Life and Letters of John Stephen Hart, Anglican Clergyman of Victoria (The
List of Parishes in Boyd's Marriage Index
Lockrose 90 years of Blessings 1909 - 1999
London Churches
Marburg Trinity Lutheran Church Centenary Book 1888-1988
Methodism in Ipswich One Hundred Years
Modern Pilgrim (A
Morgan's Colonial Methodism in South Australia
Mount Walker Church of Christ Centenary 1884 - 1984
My Ancestors were Methodists
One Hundred Years of Methodism in Ipswich 1848-1948
Opening & Dedication of New Church (Raceview Congregational)
Our Corps and Their Work, Bundamba 1886-1986 100 years of Service
Our Heritage of Anglican Church in Tasmania
Out Where the Dead Men Lie - The Augustinians in Australia 1838 - 1992
Papuan Conquest
Raceview Congregational Church Centenary 1881-1981
Raceview Congregational Sunday School
Redbank Plains Methodist Church Centenary Celebrations 1862 - 1962
Register of Church Archives
Register of Church Archives A Guide to Resource material in Aust Church Archiv.Soc
Religions in Australia
Religious Communities of the C of E in Australia & New Zealand  (The
Rickmansworth, Hertford; Transcripts of Reg. Of Marriages 1569-1812
Ripon Cathedral
Rosewood - St Matthews Lutheran Church Golden Jubilee 1875 - 1975
Rosewood Baptist Church Centenary
Salvation Army Centenary 1885-1985 Ipswich (100 years of Service)
Silkstone Baptist Centenary 1912-2012
St Brigid's Catholic Church Rosewood 1885-1985
St Francis Xavier Church Goodna 1881-1981
St Giles Cathedral  The High Kirk of Edinburgh
St Giles Catherdral and the Chapel of the Thistle Edinburgh
St James Anglican Church Pratten Centenary 1881 - 1981
St James Church Sydney. An Illustrated History
St John's, God's Gracious Story of 150 years of Lutherans in Ipswich
St John's Lutheran Church Coolana 1891 - 1991
St Mary's Baptisms 1849-1945 A-Cosgrove
St Mary's Baptisms 1849-1945 Costello-Gilfoyle
St Mary's Baptisms 1849-1945 Gill-Klupp
St Mary's Baptisms 1849-1945 Knehr-Miles
St Mary's Baptisms 1849-1945 Millar-Richards
St Mary's Baptisms 1849-1945 Richardson-Zulkinski
St Mary's Church 1904 - 2004 Icon of Ipswich
St Mary's Church Ipswich 1849-1954
St Mary's Ipswich, The Luckie Parish 1849-1983
St Mary's Story, A History of St Mary's Parish Ipswich 1849 - 1999
St Patricks Church Rosevale 1889-1989 A Centenary
St Paul's Church Ipswich
St Paul's Church of England  Ipswich, Qld.
St Stephens Anglican Church Ma Ma Creek 1888-1988
Strange Bedfellows (United Evangelical Church)
Tallegalla Church Centenary 1881 - 1981
Tavistock Parish Church
The Centenary of St James Anglican Church -  Lowood
This Goodly Heritage  - History of the parish of St John's C of E Wagga Wagga NSW
Thulumbah 1908 Barney View 2008 (Brief 100 year Histroy of The Methodist Uniting Church)
United Welsh Church, Blackstone
Unquestionably One of the Nicest Churches (St Paul's Anglican Church, Ipswich  1859-2009)
Vision, Dreams and Memories (The Christian Brothers and Balmain)
Yearbook 2017 Lutheran Church of Australia


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