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In 1918 there were a number of boarding houses and hotels which provided accommodation in the main business district of Ipswich.

At the bottom of Nicholas Street Mr STANFIELD had the North Australian Hotel, and further up on the opposite side and near the railway line was the Central Hotel with mine host E.M. WALSH.

In Union Street opposite the Railway Station, stood the Commonwealth Hotel, and close by was the Boarding House run by Mrs AJAX, with Mrs T. McMULLINS “Clifton House” on the corner of Union and Bell Street. On one side of Bell Street stood J.T. LAISTER’s boarding house “Regis House” and on the opposite side of the street was the Caledonian Hotel with mine host M.E. STEWART, and the “Lorna Doone” Boarding House of Miss WALSH.

There was a boarding house in East Street, and Mrs AYLOTT was the owner of a boarding house in Ellenborough Street.

Opposite the Queensland Times building on the corner of Brisbane and Ellenborough was the grand North Star Hotel. Further up Brisbane Street [the area now known as The Top of Town] there were three hotels – The Club – Mr J. BARLOW, the Union – Mr C. NASH, and the Metropole Mrs E. RYAN.

On the other side of Brisbane Street were three boarding houses – Mrs G. WALTERS, Miss REED and the City Boarding House of Mrs M. BLUNT.