1000 Famous Australians
Accounting For A Century
Along the Great Divide
Aphrodite and the Mixed Grill (Greek Cafes in Twentieth Century Australia)
A Woman's Perils
Aussie Battlers
Australia 200 Years and Beyond
Australia A Short History, The Development of a Distinctive Australian Nationality
Australia and New Zealand Bank
Australia, A History in Photographs
Australian Adventure
Australian Cavalcade
Australian Dictionary of Bibliography 1879-1979 Vol 8
Australia, The Early Days
Australia: Gaol to Colony 1810-1850
Australian Homestead (The
Australian Legend
Australian Memories A Collection of Nostalgia
Australian Pioneers
Australian Pioneer Women
Australian Place Names
Australian Post Office (The
Australian Post Office (the, A Brief History 1809-1969
Australian Postal History
Australia's Writers  An illustrated guide to their lives and their work
Australians (The
Australia's Heritage
Australia's Women A Documentary History
Australia's Writers  An illustrated guide to their lives and their work
Australia's Yesterdays, A Look at our Recent Past
Australia's Yesterdays
Baden-Powell: Boy Scouts Centenary - Jubilee  1857-1907-1957
Beautiful Gold Country
Bibliography of Australian Family History
Big Story Country (Great Art Stories from Regional Australia)
Bill the Fiver (The Life and Times of William Horton)
Blackbirders (The  A Brutal story of the Kanaka Slave Trade)
Book of Events
Boomtime, Australia 1871-1890
Bread and Dripping Days
Cattle Country an Illustrated Survey of the Australian Beef Industry
Century of Challenges
Century of the Meat Trade 1863-1963 (A  "Borthwicks"
Chips  The life and films of Chips Rafferty
Cobb & Co. Early Australian Coach Transport
Collecting Australia's Past
Debrett's Handbook of Australia & New Zealand
Directory of Australian Poets 1980
Directory of Scots in Australia 1788 - 1900 Part 1
Directory of Scots in Australia 1788 - 1900 Part 2
Directory of Scots in Australia 1788 - 1900 Part 3
Discovering Historic Australia
East Coast Discoveries -The Flora of Cook's Endeavour Voyage
Entally House Historic Site
Explorers (The
Fairbridge Empire and Child Migration
Famous Australians from our first 100 years
Farewell to Old England. A Broadside History of Australia
Federation Times Every Day Life
Folklore of the Irish in Australia
Good Foundation, Reflections on the Heritage of the First Government House, Sydney
Great Australians -  Charles Nicholson
Growing Up in the 30's
Heritage of Australia ( The Illustrated Register of the National Estate
Historian's Apprenticeship
Historic Australia September - October 1982
Historic Australia,  A Pictorial History
Historic Australian Towns
History of Australia - V  (A  The People Make Laws 188 - 1915
History of Australian Bushranging Volume 1
History of Australian Bushrangers - Illustrated
How It Began, Episodes in the Story of Australia
In the Beginning
Irish Exiles in Australia (The
Italians in Australia (The
Jack Howe  The Man and The Legend
Land Boomers (The
Landmarks A History of Australia to Present Day
Local History (Ideas & Suggestions
Locating Australia's Past, A Practical Guide to Writing Local History
Mechanical Eye in Australia (The  1841-1900 (replacement)
New History of Australia
New Ways in an Ancient Land 1788-1900
Northern Territory
Notable Australians - the Pictorial Who's Who  First Edition
Notable Australians, The Pictorial Who's Who
Other Side of the Coin (The) A Cartoon History of Australia
Official Book of Australian Place Names
Parliament House Canberra Golden Jubilee
Pictorial History of Bushrangers
Pioneer Women of the Bush & Outback
Praed Papers (The)  A Listing and Index
Reminiscences of Australia
Roots and Branches:  Ancestry for Australians
Sandy Creek Bushranger [History of Ben Hall]
Scandinavians in Australia (The
Select Documents in Australian History 1851-1900
Single & Free (Female Migration to Australia 1833-1937
Social Sketches of Australia 1888 - 1975
Some Sentimental Links - Early Australian Times
Spannong Two Centuries
Squatters (The
Squatter's Castle The Saga of a Pastoral Dynasty
Squatting Age in Australia   1835-1847
Steel Master (The
Stop Laughing , This is Serious A Social History of Australia in Cartoons
Stories of Australian Colonial Days- Mainly stories of Personalities & Life in etc.
Strays Collection Australia 1985
Tariff in the Australian Colonies 1856-1900 (The
There's A Track Winding Back
Time Australia, The  World of 1788
Tracking Down the Bushrangers
Translating Lives
Tyranny of Distance
Undiscovered Canberra
Voyage of Their Life
Weekly - 50 Years of Australia's Most Popular Magazine (The
Whalemen Adventurers
Who's Who in Australia 14th December 1950
Who's Who in the Commonwealth of Australia 1929
Who's Who of Australian Women
Women of Oz' (The
Yesterday's Daughters, Stories of our Past by Women over 70
Young Australians -  Australian Children Since 1788


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