Snippets From the Queensland Times

• Martin Byrne had the first bakery in Ipswich, in Bell Street in the 1840’s
• Doctor William McTaggart Dorsey opened the first hospital in Ipswich in 1842, a rough
building at Little Ipswich [West Ipswich].
• Henry Wade was the surveyor who surveyed the site for the “Township of Limestone”, in 1842.
The street names included East, Bell, Nicholas, Bremer and Brisbane Streets.
• The first sale of Ipswich allotments, took place in Sydney in October 1843.
• The first Wesleyan minister to visit Ipswich was the Rev William Moore in 1847.
• Robert King established a salting and boiling down works for cattle and sheep in
Ipswich in 1847.
• In 1848 men could have a suit made to measure in 10 hours by the tailor, D.W. Elder.
• The first cricket club formed in Ipswich had 20 members, and played their first game
23rd October 1848.
• In the 1850s the area at the corner of Limestone and Nicholas Streets, was a brick yard,
then later the Water Reserve; this covered the block bordered by Nicholas, South,
Ellenborough and Limestone streets and became in 1894 the Central Gardens.
• In the 1850s the area from Limestone Hill to Thorn Street was the stock pound yard.
• The North Australian Jockey Club was formed in Ipswich at a meeting on 11th June 1852.
• A Branch of the Bank of New South Wales opened in a small cottage on the corner of East and
Union Ipswich on 24th September 1853.
• John Clune was the leasee of the North Australian Hotel in Nicholas Street in 1854. His
sister was the wife of the explorer Sir Thomas Mitchell.
• The North Australian Ipswich and General Advertiser newspaper began on 2nd October 1854, by
twin brothers E.J. and A.C. Bays.
• The population of Ipswich in 1859 was said to be 3,732 with 807 houses.
• Harry Hooper and C.C. Cameron found gold at Tooloom in 1859.
• In 1859 Queen Victoria signed Letters of Patent creating the new Colony of Queensland.
• The first iron letter box in Ipswich was in Brisbane Street near the cutting, in May 1859.
• The first Governor of Queensland Sir George Ferguson Bowen and his wife Lady Bowen, visited
Ipswich 21st December 1859.
• The Mary Tregear Hostel in Limestone Street was built before 1860.
• Mr T Makepeace was the first patient admitted to the new Ipswich Hospital in 1860.
• In 1860 there were four Cotton Ginning Establishments in Ipswich; J.& G. Harris,
Rowe & Lennon East Street, John Pettigrew and Cribb & Foote.
• The first army established in the new Colony of Queensland was in Ipswich on 19th May 1860.
• The Queensland Government made a Grant of half an acre of land in Roderick Street, to the
German Lutheran Church on the 27th September 1862.
• A public notice in the newspaper on 7th January 1862 stated that “Manure and rubbish can be
shot on my ground at the corner of Wharf and Brisbane Street.” T.H. Brenneke.
• The wardens of St Paul’s Church Ipswich in 1862 recommended the use of kerosene lights
instead of the candles in use at that time.
• The Criterion Hotel which was close to the Court House on Warwick Road in 1862 was for
• “The Yard” on the corner of Bell and Brisbane Street, was a stone mason W. Trotter in April
• H.M. Reeve was an outfitter and hosier at the corner of Brisbane and Bell Street 1863.