A Lost Glitter Letters Between SA & WA 1895-1897
Beneath Tidal Water, the History of Newcastle's Harbour Collieries
Bonnie Dundee Coal Co Ltd, Ipswich, Wages Paid 1916
Coal in Queensland, From Federation to the Twenties
Coal in Queensland, The First Fifty Years
Coal Industry of Queensland (The   Vol 1
Coal Industry of Queensland (The   Vol 2
Coal Miners of Queensland (The
Digging for Gold Researching Family & Local History in Victoria Central Goldfields
General Musters Land & Stock Musters of NSW 1822
Gympie Gold  A Dramatic Story of Queensland Gold
Helping Our Mates Centenary of the Mines Rescue
Holes in the Ground
History of the Miners Federation of Australia (A
Index to Mining Leases 1871-1940 (Supplement to Microfiche)
Mine Worker's Muster Index - [on computer]
Miners in the 1970's, A Narrative History of the Miners Federation
No Easy Field - Ipswich Coalmining 1920-2000
River of Gold  Palmer River Gold Rush
Shortcut to Gympie Gold
Totley, A Study of Silver Mines at One Mile Ravenswood
Various Mining Records
Winning the Coal


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