Ipswich and District


Aldermen of Ipswich 1860-1980
Belhaven (Ipswich Home)
Blackstone Scholl Selloff
Blackstone-Ipswich Cambrian Choir Centenary History 1886-1986
Blumbergville to Boonah (Hertiage Trail)
Boys in the Beams
Bremer River
Brynhyfryd Story
Building of Wivenhoe Dam
Celebration of Ipswich Little Theatre Society's Between the Line
Citizens of Ipswich 1904
City of Ipswich - Veteran Centre of Commerce & Industry 1859-1959
City of Ipswich and District Souvenir Booklet
City of Ipswich Qld Aust Ipswich's Guide to Its Citizens in Health, Bus.etc
Coal, Castle & Choirs (Story of Blackstone)
Collection of Leaflets and Brochures produced by Ipswich City Council (A
Community Service Past & Present The Story of Boonah District Culture Centre
Confidence and Tradition, A History of the Esk Shire
Coominya from Settlement to Subdivision
Country Roads & Rural Towns of Ipswich
Cradled in the Ranges, A History of Blackbutt District
Dairying in the Rosewood Scrub
Development of Ipswich & Goodna to the 1870s
Dinmore - New Chum History 1859 - 2005
Fassifern Story (The   History of Boonah Shire & Surrounds
Five Days at Claremont
Gather Them In, A History of the Boonah Show
German Settlement in the Rosewood Scrub
Hancocks Mens Hockey Club List of Players
Harrisville & District Historical Soc.  10
Harrisville & District Historical Soc.  19
Harrisville & District Historical Soc. 18
Harrisville & District Historical Soc. 22
Harrisville District Centenary 1863 - 1963
Harrisville and District, 150 years 1863-2013
Historic Ipswich
History of the Left Hand Branch at Mt Sylvia (A
History of Ipswich and District Rugby League 1909 to 1977 (The
In The Shadow of Mount Flinders
Ipswich 510 Local History Scholarship Reports
Ipswich and District Settlement and Geography
Ipswich and West Moreton
Ipswich Bowls Club Centenary 1910-2010
Ipswich City Council Suburb & Place Names
Ipswich Floods 1955 & 1974
Ipswich City Council Heritage Information Kit
Ipswich Golf Club 1897-1997
Ipswich Hertiage Houses
Ipswich Heritage Register (Register of Individual Heritage Places)
Ipswich Heritage Study 1992 Vol 1
Ipswich Heritage Study 1992 Vol 2
Ipswich Heritage Study 1992 Vol 3
Ipswich Heritage Study 1992 Vol 4
Ipswich Heritage Trail no 1 - 4
Ipswich Heritage Trails No 5 and 6
Ipswich History
Ipswich in the 20th Century
Ipswich in the Eighteen Fifties
Ipswich Junior Eisteddford Golden Jubilee 1945-1995
Ipswich Mining Heritage 16 May 2009 (Willis Haenke Historical Foundation
Ipswich Municipal Centenary
Ipswich Our Changing City 1880-1990
Ipswich Place Names Origins;Pioneer Place Names;Park Names Origins
Ipswich Rugby League; Senoir "A" Grade Premiers 1910-2009
Ipswich Rubgy League Ipswich Versus International Teams 1913-1975
Ipswich Rubgy League The Bulimba Cup Era 1925-1972
Ipswich Queensland 1998
Ipswich Queensland 1999  (2nd Copy)
Ipswich Sketchbook
Ipswich Soldiers' Memorial Hall
Ipswich Views from the Verandah
Jubilee History Of Ipswich
List of Employees at Mt Crosby Pumping Station & Holt's Hill Purification Works
Looking Back Along the Fassifern Valley
Lowood - The first 100 years a Salute to the Pioneers
Lowood to Esk Rail Link Souvenir Booklet 1986
Ma Ma Creek Community Centre Opening 1984
Marburg 1879-1988
Mines, Mills and Shopping Malls; Celbrating the Identity of Ipswich
Mount Crosby History Tour  #6
Mulgowie C.W.A. 1925-1985
Newspaper Photos
North Ipswich Bowls Club, The Passing of an Era
Not Just A Show (Marburg Show)
Original Place Names of Ipswich & District
Our Heritage  Then & Now
Our Heritage in Focus
Our Heritage Workbook  / Teachers Resource Book [set]
Our Karalee and Barellan Point
Pencil Drawings
Petition for Ipswich to be a Municipal Town
Pictorial Browse Through Early Kilcoy Shire Volume 1
Pictorial Browse Through Early Kilcoy Shire Volume 2
Pictorial Browse Through Early Kilcoy Shire Volume 3
Pins,Petticoats and Ploughs
Pine Mountain Ipswich History, People & Places
Q I Ipswich
Qld Times Feb 4 1871
Queensland Times Research 04.01.1866/29.12.1866
Redbank Plains C W A
Rising from the Ashes  Ipswich Little Theatre Jubilee History
Road to Ipswich (Ipswich Motorway)
Roadvale School of Arts Centenary 1904-2004
Romance of the Bremer
Rosewood Q.C.W.A. 1924-1984
Rosewood Then & Now
Serving the Shire History of Local Government in Boonah Shire from 1879
Signposts Ipswich
Slab Hut & Spilt Rail Fence
Spirits of Bundamba
Stepping Back (A Trail that traces life in Kalbar)
Story of the Laidley Shire (A
Story of Wolston House (The
Tale of Old Fassifern (A
Tales of the Rosewood Scrub
Tallegalla Centenary 1879 - 1979
Templin, A German Settlement in Queensland
The Regals, History of the Ipswich City Vice Regal Band
They Passed This Way
This is Queensland's Ipswich
Toogoolawah Centenary 1904 - 2004
Whitehead Legacy
Will Mitchell
Wool Link Day
Yesterday Remembered Today, Story of Clarendon Lowood District


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Centenary Committee
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Ips & District Rugby League
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Ipswich City Council
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Ipswich City Council
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Ipswich City Council
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Ipswich City Council Planning Branch
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Buchanan Architects
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Mt Crosby Historical Soc
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Marburg Show Soc
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Rosewood Scrub His.Soc
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Ips Gen Society
Kilcoy Shire Historical Society
Kilcoy Shire Historical Society
Kilcoy Shire Historical Society
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