There is a cemetery close to the Brisbane to Toowoomba Road at Haigslea where many of the pioneers of the district are buried. It was opened in 1870 when the area was known as Walloon Scrub, and in 1873 a Lutheran Church was built, but it was damaged in 1924 by a cyclone.

First changed to Kirchheim, and then again in 1916 during the First World War, when there was ill feeling towards anything German. The area became Haigslea, for First World War General HAIG.

The church was not replaced, but the cemetery remained in use until closed by the Moreton Shire Council then a number of years later in 1990 the cemetery was reopened, and then it became known as the Haigslea Lawn Cemetery.

On 26th September 1992 a plaque was unveiled to the pioneers of the district, the many men and women who opened up the area. Today some descendants of the early settlers still call the area home.