Family History


1,001 Life Story Questions
£13 of Lawful British Money in Hand -Life of Sam & Jane Buckley
7-UP (McGovern Family 7 Generations in Australia)
Aberdeens of Coupar Angus and Edinburgh
Annabella Boswell's Journal (An Account of Early Port Macquarie)
An Earl's Son (Letters of Hugh Proby)
A Patchwork Heritage (McGree/Lee/Ashton/Clarke & others)
A Pig Plack Schnake Comed Walk Me Pyy
Arcadian Simplicity, J B Fewings Memoirs
A Scotch on the Rocks  (The Walker Memoirs)
Amos Main Family, Also Bushnell, Lyne, Hepburn
An Early Settler (The Duckett White Family in Australia)
Ancestors History of the Maxwell Family Illinois USA
As from time of debarkation Moreton Bay 1855, Johann Kodel
Australian Connection Baker Family (The
Avis Family
Ballard, Delaney, Fisher, Hyde and Lemon
Barker Bears & Forebears
Bauer's Road to Bloomfield
Baxter,Richard Toleration and Tyranny
Beinke Family 1847-1997, The
Binnington Family Tree (The
Biography - John H. Watkins, Saddler of Uralla NSW 1846-1888
Biography - Knox Brothers, Sons of Bishop of Manchester
Biography of Thomas Grenier
Blank/Murf/Broad/Frisch Family (The
Bleisner & Kanofski Family Tree
Blood Royal of the Murray-Priors (The
Bloody Agents
Blueprint of a Beutel
Blundells of Martindale Street (The   (their heirs & successors)
Boughen Family 1857-2007
Bowling Along With the Patrick's at Mt Pleasant(nee Clarke)
Brackens (The
Bradfield; Joynson; Ward; and Mole Families
Brandt Family 1886-1988
Briggs,John Thomas
Brothers Cowper
Bushies (The
Bush Pilot
Camerons of South East Queensland
Captain Francis Freeburn and his Family
Carson Family History
Carter Family History
Centenary of White Park 1980, The Savage Family
Charles Douglas Scott - War Records
Cheyne Family History
Chester 1921 - 2001
Christian & Johanna Ostrowski (130 years from 6th February 1888
Christopher Martin, Great Burstead and The Mayflower
Ciders, Hops and Fossils (Higgins Family
Clem Street Brassall
Cockshell Family Story
Connors of Ipswich
Conrad Martens and the Darling Downs
Cooley Family (The
Corn Beef and Damper - Lives of the Yulgilbar Selectors
Count My Lucky Stars
Cribb Family Tree
Dale Family Reunion July 1984
Dear Fanny
Descendant of Patrick McGuire born 1790
Descendants of Dirk Tangeman
Descendants of Frederick Shelton
Descendants of F W A Krenske
Descendants of Thomas Burgess
Descendants of William Hickey born 1800
Diary -George Walker Aust. "Duke of Sutherland"
Diary of John Burnett
Diary of John Divine (The   1875
Dionysius Chronicles (The
Dorothy May Wilson 1922 - 1998 Obituary
Dr. Richard Battersby Scholes & Dr. James Ballantine Hogg
Dung on his Boots (Priddle Family)
Eather Family Vol 1
Eather Family Vol 2
Ebert, Nikolaus and Christina 1863-1999
Empire's Children
Ernst & Wilhelmine Zimmermann & Their Descendants
Families of the Molong and District
Family Chronicles (Chapmans of Whitby)
Family History of John & Elizabeth Goodes 1852-1992
A Family History of James & Jane Sutton
Family History of John & Alice Sutton
Family History of Richard & James Rowe Pomery
Family History of Roseann Letitia Hunter
Family of John Heraty & Elizabeth Blyth
Family of Thomas William Harvey & Louisa Maud Stone
Family of William and Sarah Unsworth
Family Records ..Taylor; Henry; Michel; Ruddy; Finney; Ryan
Family Register of William Thomas Curling and Harriet Jarvis
Family Tree of William & Susannah Hannaford
Farquahar Aberdeen of Moreton Bay
Five Generatrions of Brand Family
Flor Family  (The
Foote Family
Footprints in Ipswich History - 1889-1972 (Foote Family)
Footprints in the Pathway of Time  -  Stollznow & their family
Footprints on Life's Road (Vellacott Family)
Founding Families of Ipswich
Frederick and Antonia Muller Family Tree 1841 - 2004
Frederick Meredith Descendants' Group  Newsletter
From an English Acorn (Golding Family)
From Aughton to Australia - William & Hannah Nutley
From Canton to Colony (A Short History of the Paroz Family)
From Clare to Here ( Molloy Family History)
From Long Crendon to Engelsburg and Beyond - Slatter Family )
From Minnie, with Love The letters of a Victorian Lady
From Nanango to Cooktown
From Royalty to Us (Murray-Prior)
Frost - Frazier - A Tale of Shepherds, Shears and Ploughshares
Geiger Family History 1813-1990
George Harris Heaney
George Randall, Emigration Officer Extraordinaire
George Thorn
Genealogical Reference - Family of James Amos & Nellie Hoy
German Wagons Wurst & Wine - Frohloff & Kammholz
Gillis Family Memories  A Journey from Ireland to Australia
Gold & Silver, An Albym of Hill End & Gulgong
Gold Dust on the Wool (Life of George Sugden)
Gold Shining Bright (White Family 1859-2009)
Goltz in the Lockyer 1887-1987
Goodly Heritage (  The Story of Kraatz Family)
John Gorry Family History
Gottlieb Raddatz and Extended Kuhn and Sellin Families
Grand-pa, Tell me about the Good old days Gorkow Family
Granny Quinn
Grassroots Queenslanders the Kunkel Family
Grave of John Uhr
Greasley Henry, A Genealogy Report for
Greinke Family History/Greinke/Goschnick/Dargusch/Zischke
Grieve Family History (The
Growing Up on The Pampas Plains Darling Downs
Haggis, Halloween & Hogmanay-Tribute to our Scottish Pioneers
Hammelmann Family 1
Hammelmann Family 2
Hancock & Trevaskes Families
Harm Family History (The   1882-1992
Hauser  A Hundred Years 1880 - 1980
Heit Family Germany Queensland 1863-2013
Henry Evans Baker
Henry Simpson Newland
Here my Home (Life & Times of John Stuart Hepburn 1803-1860)
Heron Family History
Hickmott Story 1825-1981
Hislop Family History
History of Aberdeen NSW Families
History of the Cossart and Allied Families
History of Johann J, Peter, Rosalia Manthey and Descendants
History of the Bigwood Family of Southland (A
History of the Family Name McAnallen (A
History of the Gay Family
History of the Schoessow Family (The  in the U.S.A.
Holmes Story (The
Holznagel Robert,Johanna
I Came from Mutdapilly ( Life & Times of Esme Josephine Foster)
I, Charles James Whitehouse
In Heavenly Garb - The Headstones of Ipswich General Cemetery
Information on Clan Boyd
Ipswich Pioneers  John Germain and Elizabeth Gorrell
Irish Ancestors - The Brothers McGrath   John and Darby
Irish Immigrants - Brothers Costello and The Welsh Connection
Iris, It's Finished (A Childhood in Country Queensland)
J M Reid R.N. - A Short Brave Life
Jackson, Burgess, Waylett Family History
Jackwitz Family 1878-1988 Potslow to Blenheim
James and Ann Heffernan and Family
James Wilkinson
Joe Quinn, Among the Rowdies (Baseball's Honest Australian
Johann Hermann Family 1866-2011
John and Catherine Halley
Jondaryan Woolshed.  An Index of the People 1840 - 1946
Josefski Family 1786 - 2005
Joseph Nawrotski & Marianne Kolowski Family
Journal of Jessie Augusta Francis (Colonial Lady)
Journal of John Sweatman (The
Kanofski Family Tree
Kemp Family - Kemp Family in Australia Since 1818)
Kerkow Family in Australia
Kerle Family History 1873-1991
Kerle Family History 1873-1991 Supplement
Kickbusch Family Prussian and Queensland History 1810-2016
Klibbe Family History  125 years in Australia
Knope Centenary 1878-1978 Knope Family Members
Koffal Memoirs -Our Origins Revealed
Kurth - Ludwig
Laycock Family History (The
Life Diary of The Late Janet Alexander Titmarsh
Life Story of Ivan Rudolph Gnech
Linsket Family Tree
Lipstick, Swag & Sweatrag (Life of Beth Beckett)
Litfin Family History, Litfin and Bauer
Lobb Genealogy Calendar 1994
Logan Saga History of James & Margaret of Bonny Bank
Log Cabin - 30years of ownership by F H Aspden and Family
Lotz in Australia 1864-1988
Louisa Lawson -Henry Lawson's Crusading Mother
Lowe and Stubberfield Families
Lyne (Lyons) Family History
MacDonalds of Glenalladale
Mackay-McKay Family History
MacPhail Family History
Madden Connections 1863 - 2003  140 years in Australia
Maddox, Howard, Lane  1860-1990 Family History
Mahonys of Swanfels
Making Connections
Malyon or Mallyon Family
Man Who Escaped Death (Autobiography & Family History)
Mannix-Tunney Pedigree Cork Ireland and Wallombi NSW
Marriage of Richard Bushnell & Jane Clarke  {Reference]
Marschke Family 1796 - 2004
Matschoss/Mattschoss Families in Australia
Mayes Family Tree (The John Mayes & Emily Chanhan)
Mayor Francis & His Family
Mayor MacFarlane and his Family
McCasker Family 1777 - 1984 Contribution to Australian History
McAnally Families in Australia
McCasker Era 1777-1980 (The
Sarah Mathilda McDermott, The Travels of
McGrath, O'Sullivan, Real,MacKay & Heeney Families
McKenzie, McKinnon and Warren Families
McManus Family History
McQueeney - Bowden Story (The
Memories; Mary MacLeod Banks & Mary MacLeod McConnel
Michaelis, Hallenstein Story One Hundred Years in Leather (The
Mieland Family
Morgan ( Song of the Sea) Wales to Queensland!
Moughtin Family History
Moving On,  Family History of the Whybird Family
Mr Finucane and His Scrapbook
Muller and Avis Family History
Muller Memoirs (The
Muller Memoirs (The   Supplement
My Mallyon Connections 1763 - 2006
My Memories by Paul Clark  from 1939 to 2005
Naumann Family in Australia (The
Newman - James
Nothing Prepared Me
Nicholson, Frank Villeneuve
Notes of Joseph C Dixons Journals Canambie Plantation (Duckett)
Oakley Family History
Oldham Family History Part 1
Oldham Family History Part 2
Oldham Family History Part 3
On the Move - Life story of John Hawthorne Flemming
Our Families  Blanck & Mesken  1865 - 1995
Our Fraser Clan 1775-2007
Our McFarlane Clan
Our Wesche Connection
Panzram Family Tree
Parcel Past (History of the Parcell Family)
Pardon Our Heritage: Russell/Thompson/Worthing/& Others
Parkin, John and His Family
Paten Family Reunion 140 Years in Queensland
Pedigree Chart For Tangeman
Pfeffer Trials and Triumphs
Phil Cullen's Story
Philp History (A 1785-1985
Pioneers of Lowood (Bohr/Bauer Family)
Pommy's Progress ( Memiors of Charles Bryant Painter 1905-1991)
Probable Usefulness - Their Descendants (King)
Qld Connection - George Wieneke & Katharine Hoffman)
Qld Family History Pre-Separation, 50 Bios of Pre 1859 Families
Queenie's Diary  A Schoolgirl's Life 1914 - 1915
Queensland Reminiscences 1848-1870
Raabe Story (The  1863-1988
Rasmussen Years 1878-2007
Recollections & Reflections - Families and Towns Qld (4 in total)
Recollections from Isobel Hislop
Reunion of Barker Family 1986
Rigmarole Reviewed
Robert and Maria Weldon in Australia - A Family History
Robert Herbert, Premier
Robson, Dear, Woodward 1961 - 1981 Families
Rodgers, Edwin Bevan and Daphne Irene
Rockton and It's Families
Royston Whybird
Rudd Family (The  Steele Rudd
Russ Family of Afterlee
Salmons of the Macleay, Story of Thomas Armitage Salmon
Samuel Walker Griffiths
Scanlan Story (The
Scholl Settlers and their Descendants 1863-1983 (The
Schrapel 1793  - 1977
Shelton Family Tree
Shirley Faye's Story
Shrubb Family in Australia (The
Sir Matthew Nathan British Colonial Governor and Civil Servant
Small Family in Australia 1788 - 1988  (The
Smith Family (The
Somerset to Queensland  The Callow Family 1796 - 2002
Souvenir - Arthur E. Wilson & Fanny Scarborough Reunion  1995
Springall Extractions
Steele Rudd, The Life and Times Of
Stories of Stephens; A History of Annerley & Surrounding Suburbs
Sundius Christian - Lawman in Munsala
Susannah Hannaford and Her Family
That Gallant Gentleman  (Colonel Charles George Gray)
The Charlwood Story
The Coleman Saga
The Coultons of Devon
The Elusive Archibald Young 1844-1875
The Flight of the Woodpecker (Germany to South Australia)
The House That Jeff Built (Jeff Cooper)
The J A Laffin Story - A Kidman Drover
The Lillecrapp Families of South Australia
The Rockley Manner - Various Families
The Solway Family - from Middle Chinnock to Mutdapilly
Thorns of Ipswich,The
The White Family Connection
They Came From Pommern (Prussia) Life of the Kunde Family
They Came, Settled, Stayed, Phelps 1852-1982 Swain 1872-1982
Thomas & Jane Rice 1850-1993
Thorley Family History
Three Brothers One Wife 13 Children - Eisenmengers - 1855-1931
Timothy & Johanna Ryan of Solloghod-More in Tipperary
Topp Family 1884-1984 Centenary
To Queensland in 1867
To Queensland in 1867( Mrs Jessie Sarah Berry)
Transportation and Chains, Family History of C R Beauchamp
Travers Goff
Under Queensland Skies - Juillerat, Yates
Under the Lynwood Tree - The Lynn Family New Zealand
Vance-Johnson Family History 1824-1980 A History of Vance & Johnson Families
Various Family Histories & Family Trees
Venturing into No Man's Land (Joseph Maxwell VC World War 1 Hero)
Verrall Family History Part 1
Verrall Family History Part 2
Verrall Family History Part 3
Walker Family History
Walkers of Aberdare
Warhorse (The  The life and work of Harold J Whitney)
Watch Weell Haliburtons - N.Z. and Their Scottish Forebears
Webster Weavings
Wells Family History
Welsh Lady of Canaan (Margaret Jones, 2nd wife of James Josey)
Wendt Arrival in Queensland 1863-1993
When Grandma was just a girl
When Grandma and Grandpa were kids
Where the Eagles Nested, A Tribute to our German Pioneers
Whitehouse Family (The
Whybird Family History 125 Years in Ipswich
Whiybirds, Don't Fly..they use road transport
Wieland Family 1850 - 1998
Wildflower - The Story of Barbara Crawford Thompson
Williamson Family History
With this Ring
Women of Gold
Woolley, Thomas A Baptist Pioneer
Woodward Connection 1874 - 1988 Hertfordshire to Queensland
William Morris and Rhondda
Wrights of Tivoli
Yow-ay Bungee
Zabel Family 1870-1985
Zahnow Connection (The


Mitchell, B
Hood, Jeffrey M
Staines, K
Aberdeen, A D
Herman, M
White, Sally
Schuster, M
Gregeory, Helen
McGlashan, B
Bushnell, J A
White, M O W
Maxwell, W
Hansen, M
Ips Gen Society
Barker, R
Croker, Peter
Moore, Katharine
Gottschalk, Lenore
Watkins, R
Fitzgerald, P.
Stevens, J.F.
Kanofski, Daryl B.
Murray, Robert S
Gilfoyle, J
Beutel, Pam
Wallis,  Noel William
Boughen Family
Coffey, Bill
Ips Gen Society
Smallwood, M.
Ips Gen Society
Nixon, Allan M
Norman, Bob
Tarnanaski, L.
Smith, C.E.
Fay, Alberta
Savage, Gwen
Ips Gen Society
Nulty, Jill
Wilson Family
Ostrofski, Cedric
Carpenter, R.J.
Tuckett, R J
Graham, John
Cockshell Descendants
Ips Gen Society
Qld Art Gallery
Gossner C N
Wilkinson, Isabel
Rosevear, J
Cribb, Viva
Heney, H
McGuire, S
Paret, M
Yarham, A
Krenske, Gordon A
Faint, Lyn
McGuire, S
Walker, G
Bateson, Lyn (Compiler
Wilson Family
Gow, Glennys
Priddle, V
St Pierre, J
St Pierre, J
Dohle, Judy
Gill, Anton
Gamble, B
Roberson, Aileen
Clark, L
Goods, M
Sutton Family
Pomery, L
Creagh, Roseann
Bushnell, J
Bushnell, J
Kracht, Bettina
Phillips, A
Aberdeen, Lynn E.
Brand, Ed
Josefski, Trevor
Stonell, M
Foote, A T
Stollznow, Ernst
Vellacott, Stan
Jahnke, G & Staines, A
Meredith Descendants
Golding, W.R.
Nutley, Carol
Paroz Family
Molloy, B
Hern, B
Vansittart, Jane
Wallace, L
Young, R
Frost, A.K.
Geiger Family
Ips Gen Society
Walton, J
Thorn, Richard
Bushnell, J.A.
Stark, Lorelle
Jen, Tanya
Burnett, Robert
White, Tony
Hill, Goltz
Mutzelburg, B
Hopkins, J
Goetsch, Lorraine
King, T H
Cass, P K
Rossiter, John
Josefski, Trevor
Maney,Gillott & Dodd
Flanagan, Cecily
Gassan, K F
Josefski, Trevor
Cribb, Viva
Harm, J
Hauser, R.J.
Gamble, B
Davis, Margaret E
Hughes, J Escourt
Quinlan, Lucille M
Noblet, Win
Hislop, Graham & Isobel
van Wienen, Ann
Cossart, C E
Shaw, Noeline
McAnallan, B.J.
Gay, R E
Schoessow, G
Holmes, Greg D
Rogers, Glenda
Riebelt, T
Dawson, C & Olivieri, T
Boyd, M.
Morley, Brian
Bothwell, K
Hay, R G
Reid, M H & J
Gould, C.L.
Brand, J
Wallace, Noela
Nicholls, R
Tomlinson, C
Eggelston, John
Josefski, Trevor
Pangram, A J
Armstrong, Frank
Allen, Jim & Corris, Peter
Kanofski, Daryl B
Voight, Lorraine
Kraatz, E
Dixon, J
Tinworth, Bruce J
Kleidon, D & Wilson, K
Bateson, Lyn
Rogers, G
Waldron, K & L
Titmarsh, J A
Gnech, Ivan
Linsket, R
Beckett, Beth
Manthey, M.
Logan, P.
Hayward, Doreen M
Seefeld, A.
Ollif, Lorna
MacKay, I
McKay Family
Forsyth, Elizabeth
Madden, B & R Committee
Vollm, M
Mahony, P E
Johnson, L
Pate, E
Hastings, J
Bushell, J.A.
Josefski, Trevor
Mattschoss, U
Ips Gen Society
Ips Gen Society
Waldron, S.K & L.O.
Canham, S & Kingc C
Waldron, L
Ips Gen Society
Bothwell, K
Smith, Mary Jean
Hatfield, Betty
Peters, Mick
Barton, R G
Graham, John
Morton, K
Whybird, Allan
Muller, Shirley
Muller, Shirley
Johnson, Lorrae
Clark, Paul & Lloyd, Christine
Burke, G
Rogers, Glenda
White, M
Miller, J
Jones, Phil
Blanck & Mesken Descendants
Insley, P
Grayson, Joan
Johnson, L
Panzram, Anthony
Parcel, C
Whitehead, V
Sellick, N P
Upton, C
Paret, Margaret
Josefski, Trevor
Pfeffer, C.
Cullen, P
Morrison, Joan
Bauer, K
Wilson, J
King, Rita
Dodd, G
Shaw, J
Jones, "Queenie" Elsie.L.
McConnel, M
Hillier, Val
Gassan, K J
Hislop, Isobel
Schick, Abbie
Weldon, Donald.M.
Knox, Bruce
Hislop, E.I.
Geertsma, Angela
Whybird, Royston
Davis, A H
Snowden, J
Fussell, M
Joyce, R B
Scanlan, P
Scholl, J & H
Wait, Glenda & Neville
Shelton, Val & Kay
Faye, S
Shrubb, Alfred
Haydon, A.P.
Pollock, W.J. Editor
Townsend, Malcolm
Mitchell, E.J.
Weston, B
Davis, E.D.
Sheaffe, S
Hannaford, R
Dutton, K R
Pfeffer, C K
Ward, P & Reynolds, K
Coulton, T E
Hannsford, B
Specht, Raymond
Goddard, J
Dargusch, M J
Roberson, A M
Bell, Solway,Noon, Beitzel
Nicol, M
Perkins, D
Kunde, J.G
Schefe, H
Rice, P
Thorley, J T
Eisenmenger, R
King, Brian Thomas
French, E D B
French, E D R
Beauchamp, C R
Ips Gen Society
Adcock G
Lynn, Bob
Ramsland, J
Walker, D.J
Wallis,  Noel William
Haliburton, D N
Hughes, B
Jones, E
Kraatz, Edna
McAdoo, M
Sutherland, N
Gassan, K F
Whitehouse, Belinda
Whybird, R
Wieland, L & E
Warren, R
Stevenson, A E
Alloway, Anne
Barry, Jean Iris
Cooper, Steve
Schmidt, D
Phillips, Joyce
Phillips Joyce
Burguez, G
Moore, V & Kracht, B
Ramsay, R K